Workplace Wellbeing

5 steps to positive performance

Imagine your goldfish suddenly develops spots and starts leaning to one side. It is struggling and you recognise that and realise you need to take action and you remove it from the fish bowl. You then give it the time and treatment it needs and once it looks better, you pop it back in the bowl.

Back into the same bowl; a toxic bowl with other fish who are struggling and plants that are dying and water that is murky and dark with stuff lurking in the shadows. You wouldn't do it, would you?

You would spot the issue, remove the fish, clean up the water, attend to the plants, check out the other fish and only when you were happy that the bowl was fit for purpose would you replace your fish.

Workplace wellbeing is a bit like that. It would be like recognising that engagement was low or morale was poor, taking people out for a beer and a bowling game and then sending them back to the same environment the following Monday! Nothing has changed and nothing will change. More sick fish!

Workplace wellbeing runs deeper than that.

Have you got managers creating positive climate? Policies and procedures that are clear, fair and promote healthy working practices? Time, light, oxygen and space to move, grow and develop? All of the things, and more besides, that contribute to the toxic bowl of organisational life.

No amount of "free fruit Friday" will compensate for a bullying boss and no amount of lunch time yoga will make up for the crippling workload and unrealistic expectations. Workplace Wellbeing, if you are serious about it, needs strong foundations otherwise it is like building a house on sand.

That would be pretty pointless, wouldn’t it?

If we are going to help the fish thrive not just survive (until the next bout), and be in peak condition, we have to do more than simply offer short respite. We need to tackle the underlying issues and create the right environment and make sure we are aware of what has turned our water toxic so that we can fix it and avoid it in the future.

However, that requires effort and time and maybe some difficult conversations so let's just have free fruit on Thursday too and throw in a cycle to work scheme for good measure ....

If you are serious about workplace wellbeing, you will be glad to hear that we are too AND that we can help. Please drop us an email to get in touch.

Toxic goldfish bowl

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