Recent Projects

With you in mind

We’ve been involved in lots of different areas over the years – whether a difficult time for a business having to re-structure or an organisation with a poor history of tackling issues – one to one coaching for individuals who were struggling with a specific challenge or groups of managers leading a cultural change.

Whatever we do, we do it with you and your specific business in mind - and we care about it as much as you do.


Workshops and Team Away Days

A whole host of topics and programmes – Crucial Conversations, Leading through Turbulent Times, The Shadow You Cast and many, many more … Did you know we are one of the few providers qualified to offer THE National Qualification in Suicide Intervention or that our Managing Mental Health sessions are valuable and beneficial for all employees? We work right across the Organisational Wellbeing spectrum - from effective leaders creating positive climate to HR professionals being able to protect the business from claims and challenges. We help our clients take off the lid on the "too hard box" and deal with the stuff that is holding them back OR that presents a risk for the future.

Delivered with energy, interaction, maximum audience participation and engagement, our group workshops have been described as "motivational, challenging, worthwhile" and even "fun"!

We do not subscribe to "Death by Powerpoint" and the use of experiential learning, skills practice and even humour is quite common! Ask about our taster sessions to give you a flavour of what we do and how well we do it?

Most recently we have been busy:-

  • working with the Fire Service helping them improve their sickness absence management
  • developing core skills amongst a Facilities Management leadership team
  • supporting a regular Construction client with new people management procedures and cultural shift
  • helping a client in the social housing sector with “To the Point” workshops to bring learning alive
  • Managing Mental Health - sessions encouraging employees to take personal responsibility and for managers who have mental ill health in their team
  • Suicide intervention training – helping tackle the taboo and get people talking

We pride ourselves on an approach that is informal and relaxed yet offers a fabulous learning opportunity – plenty of value for money with practical, no nonsense, business focused sessions to help you take care of the things that matter most.

Consultancy Projects

Working as part of the client team to re-write policies and procedures to bring them up to date and reflect current reality, then train them out across the management population and deliver awareness sessions for employees to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Helping a client review the Organisational Wellbeing strategy - moving it away from investment in various initiatives that were "nice" but ineffective to ensure that investment instigated the change that the business was looking for.

Hosting Team Away Days to challenge, confront, problem solve, generate creative ideas, implement appropriate solutions and develop a team commitment to driving the business forward.

Where you want to make things better for your people to manage or deal with, we can help. All it will cost you is a coffee to find out more!

One to one coaching

Sometimes you need an objective ear, and external eye and a challenging voice to work with people one to one. Maybe an individual who had a grievance against their manager, supporting him on his return to work after a period of long absence and then the next day helping a rising star prepare for their new position as a Director with a large plc.  We love what we do – the variety, the challenge, the chance to make a difference.

We can provide one off coaching opportunities if you need to work through a particular issue or can put together a bespoke package appropriate for your desired outcomes and budget.  We can be flexible to suit the exact needs of each client and project – another reason why people come back to us again and again. Our practical, realistic and no nonsense approach means people choose to work with us as we represent good value for money.

Why choose us?

Hopefully you will have begun to get a sense of why we have ongoing relationships with our clients and a solid history that began in February 2000. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line or call – conversations are the way forward!


Our clients can trust us to work with them as a business partner to deliver the outcome that they want to achieve. They can trust us to work to the highest standards, with integrity and be as concerned about the results as they are. Trust is a critical element in any relationship. They can also trust us to respect their business, their outcomes and their personal information – GDPR aware.

Clients that know us, like us and trust us tend to stick around and recommend us to others and we like that – very much!


Often delegates attend our programmes and at the end of the day are surprised at “how much they have enjoyed it; they really were not looking forward to attending but found it so much better than they had even hoped.” We love those moments when they have had such a great day and are so engaged with the learning, that they are reluctant to leave the training room.

We make it informal, relaxed, inclusive, challenging and dare we say it – enjoyable – often with humour, even in the most taboo of topics. Positive states that encourage learning to take place and help it stick afterwards too.


Personal attention from consultants who have walked the walk themselves. We have all had corporate roles with politics, budgets and constraints so we understand only too well the importance of getting things right – first time.

We are not coming at this from a position of “having read about it in a book” – it matters to us that any learning intervention is realistic and adds value and so we work hard to make sure that is always the case. Talk to our clients if you want to test that out?

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

“Andrea is true professional and a fabulous management development trainer and coach. Andrea provided a series of interactive and engaging workshops to a number of our management team with ranging capability levels. She engages the audience not only through the topic and her in depth knowledge, but also through appropriate challenge with a touch of humour. Highly recommended if you are looking for true facilitated learning and not a topic presenter.”

Claire Poole HR Manager, MCIPD

“Andrea writes her courses for maximum impact on individuals - she makes sure that snippets of the course are ingrained for ever. Andrea is a fabulous resource and is one of our top Consultants when looking at performance management, soft skills training and outplacement support.”

Trish Brady Head of HR, ITV Studios

“I just want to let you know how useful your Power Hour Coaching Session has been to me. As the owner of a small business it's sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees and get focused on what your goal for your business actually is. Whilst speaking to you I was able to decide what's important for me and my business, set my goals and plan a list of activity that will help me achieve them. Deciding where I want to be in 12 months time has provided a focus for my time and energy which I've no doubt will pay off over the next 12 to 18 months. Thank you.

Stephanie Chadwick Small business owner, Furever Home Interiors

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