Mental Health

Managers Guide to Managing Mental Health

It's estimated that 6.5 million adults will be living with a common mental health problem, and with 595,000 cases of work related stress, anxiety and depression reported to the HSE, we need to make sure organisations are able to exercise their duty of care and equip managers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to manage people and mental health issues appropriately. Last year over 50% of workplace absence was as a result of poor mental health - it really is time to make sure you are doing what needs to be done in this arena.

This incredibly useful one day workshop can be tailored to suit your specific business, and will generally cover:-

  • Understand signs and symptoms of poor mental health
  • Understand the difference they can make - without becoming a counsellor or therapist!
  • Confidently intervene and conduct crucial conversations where appropriate
  • Signpost and action plan effectively
  • Make reasonably practicable adjustments
  • Promote wellbeing at all levels

It is critical that managers understand the importance of creating positive climate and that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Our workshop will give them skills, confidence and an opportunity to feel comfortable having potentially difficult conversations.


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Raising Awareness for Managers

A half day session designed to give managers a greater awareness and understanding of how to support and manage team members with poor mental health and help them recognise the difference they can make and the role they need to play.

  • Describe indicators of good and poor mental health
  • Understand the difference managers can make
  • Spot signs and symptoms of mental ill health
  • Understand the more common mental health problems
  • Be able to support, signpost and create action plans

The session is very practically focused and as with all our workshops, tailored to suit your business or sector.

Awareness Sessions

It is said that more than 70% of organisations do not encourage conversations around mental health, and as a result 90% of people will hesitate to inform their employer if they are struggling.

Our (typically) 90 minute sessions can be used to raise awareness around investing in positive mental health, helping individuals make good choices to pay attention to their own wellbeing and helping them understand the more common mental illnesses and what they can do to minimise the risk. A very positive and pro-active session encouraging individuals to make personal commitments and to take good care of their own wellbeing.

Alternatively the sessions can be used to address specific issues such as stress, emotional resilience, suicide awareness or to offer an opportunity for managers to be informed and aware of managing team members who might not have the best mental health. Talk to us about your specific situation and the outcomes you would like to achieve and we can put together a tailor made session especially for your business.

As an example, Wednesday 7th November 2018 is Stress Awareness Day - so our 90 minute "When Stress Becomes Distress" session would be ideal to inform, educate and help individuals within the workplace to manage their own stress levels, to encourage dialogue with their line managers and to offer ideas to Build a Wellbeing Buffer that helps them cope when the unavoidable happens from time to time. Sessions like that are bright, brief and breezy and are great ways to demonstrate your commitment to employee wellbeing without breaking the bank. Talk to us? 

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