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Managers Guide to Managing Mental Health

24th June 2019

9.30 - 12.30

There is no need for you to be a mental health expert to be able to support your team at work. There is no need for anyone to embarrass you, confuse you or "threaten" you with talk of mental health problems. You just need to understand enough and then have the skills and confidence to ask questions, listen without judgement and then be able to signpost or help create an action plan. It is indeed the buzzword of the moment and you will feel much more confident and capable in your role as a manager after you have attended our half day workshop in Warrington, Cheshire.

Practical, no nonsense, uncomplicated advice that will help you be effective and empathic and sleep well at night!

Please share. Help make a difference.

Protecting your people AND your business

Specifically intended for HR and Health & Safety Professionals

Making sure that your organisation is not just whispering HEALTH whilst shouting SAFETY!

An interactive and engaging event designed to help professionals better understand their obligations when it comes to managing mental health issues at work. What policy do you have in place? What support are you able to offer? What about suicide intervention? Would you know how to react, what to do, who to inform and how to handle a situation with someone having thoughts of suicide?

A no nonsense, practical, uncomplicated and useful session aimed specifically at helping you to tackle the difficult stuff and make sure your employees AND business reputation are protected.

10:00am to 12.00pm


Cost £49 pp - including refreshments

City & Guilds Suicide Intervention LITE

15th August 2019

1 - 5pm

Develop the skills and confidence to help someone who is having thoughts of suicide with this very practical and worthwhile City & Guilds accredited 4 hour event.

Address attitudes, beliefs and confidence and come away knowing that you can make a difference to someone in crisis WITHOUT being a mental health expert. Less than half the people who died by suicide had a diagnosed mental illness; sometimes all we need is a kind heart, curious mind and positive intent from another human.

  • Spot the signs
  • Start the dialogue
  • Help save a life
  • Practical approach to safety planning, learn how to help someone in a proactive way
  • Avoid that feeling of helplessness
  • Be able to confidently offer help and support

Warrington, Cheshire.

Cost just £79 pp includes City & Guilds workbook and refreshments

FREE Online Webinar Training

Nobody is Immune

FREE webinar to help people understand where thoughts of suicide may come from and what to do to help someone who is thinking that way.

Not everyone who is having thoughts of suicide will be diagnosed with a mental illness.

They might just be struggling with the hand that life and fate have dealt them and feel there is no other way out;

You could be the difference they need.

Click here to go to our FREE webinar.


Free Webinar Suicide Intervention Skills


An opportunity to learn how to have a caring conversation that could save a life.

Please click on this link to access for FREE

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