Crucial Conversations

Sometimes we avoid saying what needs to be said simply in the hope that we can avoid potential conflict or confrontation - but in doing so we don't fix the problem and over time it gets worse and our frustration grows .

Those conversations might be as a manager:

  • having a performance problem to address or an absence issue to tackle;
  • a conversations to correct misconduct or inappropriate behaviour;
  • simply having to give some developmental feedback to a member of your team
  • dealing with a mental health problem or even signs of suicide ideation.

In fact anyone in the business might have to:

  • respond to a demanding client;
  • challenge an unreliable supplier;
  • disagree with a colleague or peer;
  • listen without judgement to someone struggling with their lot.

Whether you work in a large organisation or are a sole trader/small business owner, there will no doubt be a time when a courageous conversation is required. It's not just about having the courage to step up - it is also about recognising the way in which you do that can have huge consequences.

By choosing to avoid a difficult conversation the frustration, irritation, bad feeling or unhappiness will fester and there comes a point where you will have to say something - but by now your thoughts are wrapped in emotions and it all comes out wrong. With that you risk damaging the relationship and causing even more upset.Worst still, by ignoring a difficult conversation you might lose a good team member - forever. How would you live with that regret?

So what should you do?

So how do you have those difficult conversations, saying what needs to be said, yet maintain a good working relationship and stay within the boundaries of employment law?

Our workshops will teach you exactly how and allow the opportunity for safe skills practice through relevant and sector specific case studies and exercises.

The power of assertive communication is something we can all get better at - whatever our role or business - we can help make that happen.

The potential costs and risks of not having the conversations far outweigh the investment in this skill set - get in touch today to find out more about our tailor-made Courageous Conversations, Critical Conversations, Crucial Conversations and Confident Conversations workshops. Each session can be adapted to suit the audience, outcomes and business setting and each session delivered with professionalism, positive learning outcomes and humour! Yes, even the mental health ones .... find out how.

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