Walking the walk

Do we always do what we say we will do or do we sometimes have great intentions but the reality is too much of a challenge? I’ve been ‘trying to lose weight’ since I stopped smoking 16 years ago and although my intentions are good, my actions don’t always support my ambition. Does that mean I don’t want it enough?

It’s a bit like leaders in organisations saying that employee wellbeing matters to them but then sending emails at 1am and expecting a reply by dawn, or telling your HRD that we’ll ‘make it a priority, but I think we are p/ssing in the wind’ … oh yes. 

The recent CIPD report tells us ‘Less than a third say that senior leaders encourage a focus on mental well-being through their actions and behaviours’ – note that; actions and behaviours, not words or mission statements or empty promises. 

Sickness absence may be down but presenteeism and leaveism is on the increase – so we really do need leaders to walk the walk, and fast! You hold the purse strings, you set the tone, you are the barometer people will use. 

And me? I’m eliminating processed foods and sugar and reminding myself daily to walk it, don’t just talk it ?