Protecting your people AND your business

Our half day workshop is specifically designed for HR and other professionals who are committed to ensuring their organisation take care of the people as well as protecting their reputation as an employer. What exactly is this “wellbeing” agenda and how are we best to go about it? Are we wasting money, time and effort on “shiny trinkets” and not doing the stuff that will make most difference?

This half day workshop will help you to consider these and other salient points:-

  • What actually IS workplace wellbeing?
  • What is a mentally healthy workplace?
  • What are the key foundations for wellbeing at work?
  • Our duty of care as an employer
  • How do we encourage accountability & responsibility?
  • What if the worst case scenario were to happen?


All our workshops are practically focused with a no nonsense approach. We are passionate about helping organisations develop a mentally healthy workplace where people want to come to work, where they can thrive and perform to a high standard. We promise no candles, sandals, tofu or beanbags and certainly no shiny trinkets, well, not until strong foundations are underway.

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