Cost or investment?

Cost or investment? Now there’s a question for you this bright and sunny day!

If I was to deliver a workshop on suicide prevention and that helped a member of staff successfully intervene when a colleague talked about ‘not being able to take any more’ – would my workshop be a cost or an investment?

If I was to deliver an inspiring keynote speech at your conference that enabled someone to get the help they needed and ride the storm, would that be a cost or investment?

If I did a Boardroom Briefing with your SLT that helped shape a more positive climate where people could have honest conversations and in turn reduced their stress levels, again, cost or investment?

If one of my workshops gave a manager the courage to tackle an ongoing issue that had been causing frustration and impacting morale – cost or investment?

Surely you are not paying for my time but for the value it brings?

What value would you put on any of the above?

What budget does your business allow for you to do such things?

I recently had a conversation with a long standing client who wanted me to do some workshops to help staff think about their own mental wellbeing and share with them some top tips for emotional resilience and general ideas BUT she said she would have to “pretend it was a leadership event” as she had a far greater budget for leadership development (circa 50 in the business) than she did for “blue collar workers or wellbeing added together ….”

At least she has some sort of development budget I guess! When we worked out the cost per head for the “blue collar workers” to attend our “pretend leadership event” if was something like £19 per person …. is the investment of £19 per person not worth the cost of someone’s life?