"Helping to develop mentally healthy workplaces where people can thrive and perform"

Practical, uncomplicated and business focused.


Take care of your people, take care of your business

Want to help your managers to be the best version of themselves?

Give them the skills and confidence to successfully lead their team?

Enable them to have difficult conversations - whether performance, sickness absence or indeed suicidal thoughts?

Keen to develop a business reputation of creating positive climate and being a great place to work?

We can help.

Whether you are reviewing policies and procedures with your HR team or want a safe, supported, accredited approach to suicide prevention, we work right across that spectrum. We are committed to making a real, tangible, positive difference at a cost effective price. Helping you make a practical difference at all levels and tackle the tough stuff where needed - strong foundations rather than shiny trinkets.

If you are looking for a practical, straightforward, down to earth, no nonsense, business-focused solution – you are in the right place.

Let's talk!

"Only Andrea can make a room full of people comfortable with the subject of suicide."


The best performers, athletes and business people have a coach.

Coaches help bring out the best in us by challenging, questioning, supporting and helping us focus on our goals.

Maybe you have just been promoted and are taking a big step into your new role?

Maybe you have a difficult situation to manage and could use someone on your side?

Maybe you have been tasked with a project and would benefit from some occasional expertise?

We can work one to one with individuals as their Executive Coach to help them achieve desired outcomes - we can have challenging conversations that perhaps someone internally cannot - we can be the objective pair of eyes and ears with no emotional investment. You choose.

Let’s have a free, no-obligation conversation to test the water.


We work with a 5-pronged approach to Building a Great Place to Work – starting with strong foundations, checking out policy and procedures around things like Recruitment, Return to Work, Exit interviews, managing mental health and wellbeing – through to suicide first aid training for clients who recognise their duty of care in that arena. Health and safety isn’t just the physical stuff.

On a more general level, we can help you make a real difference to your business and over the years have worked on a wide range of projects with clients across the whole employee life cycle, from designing and running assessment centres to helping support a redundancy programme. You can tap into that expertise at a time that you most need it, for as long or as little as you like.

We have a refreshing and business-focused approach that is practical, pragmatic, down to earth, realistic and makes a positive difference.


We always design in-house workshops with the particular client in mind and create case studies, exercises and activities relevant to your culture and industry sector. Over the years literally thousands of individuals have benefited from that approach – whether Crucial Conversations, Leading through Turbulent Times, Managing Sickness Absence or Disciplinary Investigations – any intervention has you, your business and your culture at the heart of it.

Our Managing Mental Health at Work (2 hour / half day / full day) sessions will encourage a proactive and positive approach to creating a great place to work, and gives managers the courage and skill to have any difficult conversations that might arise, and enable them to manage any mental illness issues within their team with confidence and care. Run that alongside our Building a Wellbeing Buffer with employees, educating and raising awareness about investing in themselves and their own resilience, and that two pronged approach becomes part of your wellbeing strategy, not just a lip service nod.

We take great pride in offering the gold standard in Suicide Intervention Skills with a safe, supported workshop that is evidence based and externally evaluated and accredited - you don't have to be trained in mental health to support someone who is having dark thoughts. With the assurance of a City & Guilds Level 4 qualification available, accredited and endorsed by Skills for Health and is the UK's National Qualification in Suicide Prevention, anyone can make a difference. It isn’t a topic that most organisations want to talk about, but if we are to truly exercise our duty of care, then these simple skills can help save lives.

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